"We don't build walls, but bridges. We have only commonalities and we should treat all as one."

H.E.Amb.Diego Gómez Pickering Council General of MEXICO in New York

" We are a technology hub, and we use them to support all sectors and for global developments."

Hon.Mr.Eugene Ng Council SINGAPORE to New York

"We have to respect each country. And then best mechanism to move forward is ith discussions."

Hon.Mr.Van Der Akker Chief of Staff EUROPEAN UNION to the UN

"One of the greatest inventions of human history is the United Nations. The UN has played a vital role in peacebuilding and global development."

H.E.Amb. Mahmoud Saikal Permanent Representative of AFGHANISTAN to UN

" We have an old and rich culture. We have shared our culture and mannerisms with the world as we learned others.

H.E.Amb. Dionyssios Kalamvrezos Dep.Permanent Representative of GREECE to UN

"Youth are going to be the key role player in proper managing of water and ensuring sanitation."

H.E.Amb.Jagdish Koonjul Permanent Representative of MAURITIUS to the UN
H.E.Amb. Lazarus O. Amayo Permanent Representative of KENYA to UN
H.E. Francisco Duarte Lopes Permanent Representative of PORTUGAL to UN